The members of United Bitcoin Companies Netherlands subscribe to the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Protect the consumer
    In its functioning, the member company complies with the law, in particular the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (Wwft), the provisions in the Civil Code concerning the protection of the consumer in respect of distance contracts and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as specific laws or regulations relating to the products and/or services offered.
  2. Collaborate
    The member company complies with the articles of association and the conditions of VBNL and with this Code of Conduct. Furthermore, the member is guided by the standards of morality and decency accepted in society.
  3. Contribute to the good name
    The member company refrains from anything that could harm the reputation of the bitcoin industry in any way.
  4. Fight fraud
    The member company prevents and fights Bitcoin-related fraud in cooperation with the other members of VBNL.
  5. Do not accept cash / cash
    The member company does not accept cash when exchanging bitcoins into euros (or other fiat money), due to the impossibility of finding out the origin of cash.
  6. Speak plain language
    The member company takes such measures that it is assured of clear and unambiguous communication with its customers about its products and services.
  7. Go for quality
    The member company pursues a systematic form of security and quality assurance, in which the legal obligations are carefully observed.
  8. Wear it out
    The member company informs employees, as well as anyone who requests it, of this Code of Conduct. The code of conduct is also available online.
  9. Advertising Directive
    • The members of the VBNL use the Dutch Advertising Code and Advertising Code Social Media & Influencer Marketing (RSM) as a guideline.
    • The members set themselves the goal of approaching consumers in a way that is honest, clear and not misleading.
    • The members ensure a balanced reporting in which opportunities / possibilities and risks of cryptocurrency are both highlighted.
    • The members are committed to making advertisements recognisable as such.
    • Members shall, as far as possible in the chosen medium concerned, use a risk warning in the case of advertising. VBNL proposes the following risk warning for its members:

      Trading in cryptocurrencies has risks. You can lose your investment or part of it.

      However, the risk warning is form-free. Each member is free to choose their own wording.